StickerCanada aims to provide our customers with information that will help them come up with the best decision especially in choosing the right stickers. We will be providing insights and valuable information helpful to customers in the decision making. Diverse topics will be discussed here ranging from designs, new product features, specifications, and a lot more that relate to helping you achieve your goals and objectives. Expect us to feature a lot of topics that will provide information related to sticker printing, and sometimes, would go beyond.

What is the best sticker for you?

If you want your business or event to be remembered, printing stickers should be part of the plan because you can attach or affix stickers anywhere. In other words, stickers can go where other marketing or promotional materials cannot. ...

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Cool and Trendy Labeling Ideas

An impressive label design makes your product stands out from other products. It will also make your brand memorable in the minds of customers....

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What makes stickers important to your business

For so many years, stickers have been helping a lot of people. For instance, stickers have helped politicians get elected, build companies, establish brands and help them create exposure. With its capability, seems that it is still not enough to convince businesses the superpower of stickers....

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Logo to Custom Stickers: Makes a lasting impression

Make a lasting impression and turn your company logo into a custom sticker. Being in the sticker marketing business for many years, it is safe to say that this is one of the most practical ways to promote your business or brand because a logo that is turned into a sticker is sure to have the power to create a recall hence a lasting impression....

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