Cool and Trendy Labeling Ideas

An impressive label design makes your product stands out from other products. It will also make your brand memorable in the minds of customers.

What is product labeling?

Product labeling is an important feature of marketing. It helps business owners market the product, allowing customers to know about the item and give necessary messages that may include ingredients, and instructions. 

In the market shelves, product labeling serves as a point of sale display. It communicates information about how to handle a product or how to dispose of it. You may also use the sticker labels for security reasons especially when you don’t want a product to be misused. It is for these reasons that most labels have the logo or the trademark of the business or company.

Here are some trendy labeling ideas that may give you some ideas on how to come up with a memorable label. 

Simple and Bold

It is better to stick to the essential things and make sure you’re helping customers in making the RIGHT choice. When your label design is clean and effective it makes the product shines. Using sticker as a label for the product looks simple and neat. Stickers have adhesive properties that make the label perfectly in place and can be stuck into anywhere part of the product.

Repeat the Pattern

If you use a well-thought of and gorgeous pattern in your label design, it can then elevate your product design from normal to ethereal. It might sound like the idea of using a repetitive pattern is very simple, however, this technique is very dynamic and catchy if used wisely.

Here’s the thing, when you repeat a visual motif, it is able to capture the essence of your brand and is possible to convey a strong message. It matters less if your pattern is playful, bold or repeating. What is more important, is that it should create a strong identity to make your customers remember your product label.

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Packaging

We can’t deny the fact that going green with package designs are coming into the trend and is believed to be staying for quite some time.  The best thing about this is that it has a positive impact on our environment and it saves a lot of money for the companies. And with designers finding interesting and creative ways to make green packaging more common, we sure will see this trend in the market longer.