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Fun Ways to Promote Your Event With Stickers

Posted by Sticker Canada on April 15, 2024

Events are a fun way for businesses to show off their creative side. There are tons of options that you can choose from to capture people's hearts. But for an event to be a success, you'll need to devise event marketing strategies. After all, people won't attend an event they have never heard of or know nothing about. You must know how to promote what you have in mind to maximize sales and achieve the goal you set out.

Now, what's the best course of action? Digital or television ads? We suggest a fun alternative to the two: stickers. While they may not have the same reach as the others, there are many reasons to use stickers. We'll show you how you can use stickers to promote an event.

Let's take a look:

Handing Out Some Freebies

It is a universally known fact that people love to receive something for free. No matter how small or silly it is. So, giving away some stickers is the perfect way to create buzz around your event. You can either be straightforward and announce the event right on the tin or use more subtle ways to make people aware. For example, you can add little mysteries on different stickers for the customer to figure out on their own.

But we suggest taking a straightforward approach. It's better to let people know right away that you have something going on to prevent any mishaps. We also suggest using affordable materials like kraft paper stickers. Not only are they relatively cheap, but they have a quite popular look. It is best to carefully use this kind of sticker together with the original designs.

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Post-Event Memorabilia

The fun doesn't have to end once the party is over. Include some stickers as a freebie for the event, making it more memorable for those who went. You can either give them away before or after the event. Having something to remember your event is beneficial in many ways. One of them is when people share your stickers on their social media pages. This creates attention, encouraging more people to come during the next one.

Be sure to include some features like QR codes on your event stickers. These can even double as discount stickers, allowing the people who went to get something more. You can advertise this before the event to garner more interest. The discount will become a great bonus for people already planning to attend the event. Be sure to use some fun designs to give the stickers even more prestige.

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Themed Store Decorations

Setting up your store to promote your event should get people talking. Whatever event you have in mind, people will surely be interested in what is happening. Decorating with stickers will be a breeze, too. There are several kinds that you can use. Lettering decals, in particular, are perfect for setting up next to the storefront. You can also set some decorations outside the store to attract more people.

Of course, themed decorations aren't limited to events alone. You can set the store up each month for a holiday. Holiday decals make for great additions to any countertop or display case. All of this can be done without having to spend much money on any of the materials. Once a new event or holiday comes around, you can easily replace the old ones you have.   

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Final Thoughts

And that's all you need to know! Promoting anything is also going to be a challenge. To make sure that you maximize the potential of your marketing tactics, we suggest that you combine stickers with other forms of marketing methods.