Keep Your Restaurant COVID-Free by Using Stickers

Restaurants are one of the businesses that are greatly affected by the pandemic. Being a restaurant owner, you try to adapt to the new safety protocols in order to bounce back from months of not gaining sales. You are not alone in this battle, we’re here to help you by providing some useful tips on how to cultivate your resources to keep your clients safe while dining in and out of your restaurant with the little help of stickers and labels.

Allow 50% seating capacity 
You can arrange the chairs and put labels where they are allowed to sit. If you don’t have space to store your unused furniture, just make sure to spare at least six feet of space between the table and chairs by attaching stickers that indicate where your customers should sit so that they will be aware that they are following the safety protocols.

Seat Taken Social Distance Custom Die Cut Sticker

Labels that directs them where they go 
Take advantage of using custom floor decals if you strictly follow take-out only policy. In this way, your customers know where to wait for their orders and maintain physically distancing them and your employees too.  

Entrance Only Custom Decal

Delivery and takeout is the safest route 
If you want to maintain the 50% dine-in capacity of your restaurant, you should encourage your customers to enjoy your food in the comfort of their homes since it is one of the effective ways to minimize physical contact and chances of exposing them to bacteria that potentially carry the virus. Whenever they opted for takeout, you design your product label with “ You made the right choice and stay safe” or any choice of words that will affiliate with the thought that you persuade them to choose to take out above anything else.  

Stay Safe Die Cut Round Sticker

Use QR codes
Aside from sanitizing your restaurant thoroughly, that prevents bacteria buildup and contamination, using labels can help you implement the new set of rules without going near them or your employees reaching out to them on what to do. You should give them a sense of security and always reassure them they are well taken care of once they step in your restaurant by putting a QR code in every table that directs them to one of your social media business pages where you create informative posts on how you make your establishment free from the virus.  

QR Code Kiss Cut Sticker

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