What is the best sticker for you?

If you want your business or event to be remembered, printing stickers should be part of the plan because you can attach or affix stickers anywhere. In other words, stickers can go where other marketing or promotional materials cannot. 

Whether you are a freelancer, business owner or someone looking for a fun giveaway for a birthday party or wedding, you should consider the versatility of stickers from packaging labels, bottle, and mailing labels, bumper stickers, name tags, to envelope sealers. 

StickerCanada has all the stickers you need. You just have to decide which is best for you. 

Custom Stickers

Our custom stickers are available in different types. Art Paper Sticker for example, able for indoor use. Vinyl sticker can work both for indoor and outdoor applications with high-gloss UV coating for added shine and durability. When you want a translucent stained glass look for your sticker, we encourage you to take advantage of the clear polyester sticker. Our custom stickers are available in different shapes and sizes. 

Die-cut Stickers

A creative die-cut shaped sticker can transform an ordinary sticker into fancy, fun or memorable branding opportunity.  Normally if customers like it, they will be proud to display the sticker on their laptops, phones, notebooks, refrigerators, desks, or even drawers. We have a variety of unique custom stickers here, or we can assist you in creating a sticker according to your standards and specifications.

Sheet Stickers

An easy way to get your stickers printed in circle, oval or rounded corner shapes with multiple stickers on one convenient sheet is to try sheet stickers. They are printed on 12-inch by 18-inch kiss-cut sheets with either a semi-gloss or high-gloss with a UV coating. Plus, you can vary the designs on the individual sticker sheets. Sheet stickers make excellent gift labels, address labels, envelope sealers and more.

Roll Stickers

Available in different sizes and shapes, roll stickers is an affordable way to print several stickers rolled into one.  Roll stickers are great for business marketing and event promotions, package labels and envelope sealers. 

Bottle Labels

Bottle labels are a powerful way to promote products and the company. Ideal for wine, beer, juice, olive oil and many food and beverage labels. Printed on parchment paper, bottle labels also work best for premium or gourmet products. This type is moisture-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about your labels not sticking so well.  

Window clings and decals

Did you know that through window clings and decals, you can turn your empty window into a marketing opportunity? Window clings or static clings, have a static-charged back that makes them removable every now and then. If you’re the type to remove or re-position your decals every now and then as many as 6 times on a smooth surface, you may want to consider our re-positionable adhesive type. 

Whether for business or pleasure design and printing, StickerCanada can surely help.