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What Stickers Do to Enhance Your Marketing Approach

Posted by Sticker Canada on January 30, 2024

In the business world, your first impressions matter, and we’re not just talking about your sales pitch in the company elevator.

A study shows that it only takes a person 50 milliseconds to form an opinion on your website and brand. For some people, this first impression will be the only impression that they’ll have of you. As such, it is essential that you are able to create a first impression that customers will positively remember and associate with you. There are various ways that you can achieve this, aside from using your website.

Your marketing approach matters a lot in creating the first impression that you like. Carefully choose your marketing tools like stickers and see how you can utilize their great potential. The sticker, especially, is a fantastic option if you are working with a low budget.

We’ll expand on how well these tools can make a first impression and enhance your overall marketing approach.

Cost-Effective Solution


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Depending on the type of platform and media you use, a marketing campaign can be rather expensive. For smaller businesses, using a large portion of their budget on advertising can lead to problems on the production and operation side of things. For a limited budget, you’ll want something affordable and brings a lot to the table. Stickers are the perfect things for the job. 

These items are relatively easy to mass-produce and design. Unlike other traditional advertisements, these don’t have a short lifespan. Stickers can last for a long time under any condition. With the suitable material, you can stick them outdoors without worrying about them withering away. Vinyl stickers are durable and waterproof, so we recommend these if you want something to test the time.

Incredibly Versatile


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Versatility can do wonders for your advertisement campaigns. Going back to traditional media, these types of ads can seem rigid and tend to rely on more than one theme. Stickers can be so much more than something with a witty quote and clever designs. You can use them in practically every aspect of your business. Your designs don't have to be in ads alone. Place them on your products to let your customers know that the product they’ve just bought is legitimate.

We recommend that you either use foil stickers or holographic ones. Both have a metallic sheen that makes them stand out among others. If you look at other products from your competitors and other businesses, they will most likely have a special seal on their own. Using an authentication indicator will solidify the customer's trust in your products.

Helps Influence Purchasing Decisions


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Time and time again, customers show how much they love receiving something for free. Of course, this includes promotional stickers and items. One of the reasons why giveaways are so powerful is because of the positive emotions that come with the custom product being given away. Customers will associate your business with the pleasant feelings they get from receiving the special branded items.

While it might seem small, this gesture can influence customers' future purchase decisions. Due to the positive emotions that they’ve associated your brand with, customers will be more inclined to choose yours over the others. Be sure to use different design ideas to fully maximize your ability to attract and retain all those customers.

Final Thoughts

With stickers at your disposal, you can freely build your brand up and start enhancing your marketing methods. These tools give you an edge over the rest of the competition. Try different styles, designs, and strategies to achieve the best outcome possible. Being flexible is always essential if you want to succeed in your mission to grow and become a strong business.