Which is better: Sticker Marketing or Social Media?

Sticker marketing has been around for so long. Longer than one could ever begin to imagine. Big and established brands use sticker for a simple purpose: Brand awareness. Even politicians do not forget to use stickers during campaigns.

Having said that, here are important reasons why you should consider sticker marketing in promoting your business. 

1. Before, we have gotten used to seeing stickers mostly on cars. Today, stickers are no longer just for cars. Promotional stickers in various shapes

2. Undoubtedly social media is always on top of the list when we start discussing about marketing. But you know, even before social media domination, stickers have been around doing its job. Creatively designed and distributed hence the word-of-mouth-marketing.

3. Social media is online promotion while stickers cover the needed offline advertising of your business. So to cover both without hurting your pockets so much stickers should not be overlooked. Furthermore, studies show that 90 percent of people trust word-of-mouth marketing which is what primarily stickers will contribute.

Marketing is really communication and relationships. You ask, what makes my products or services unique. What will make people value my product or service? What will people benefit from what my business offers?

Stickers mixed with creativity will surely tick people’s interest. Aside from that, sticker marketing is one of the most affordable if not the cheapest marketing tool available today.