Vinyl Stickers

Popular for waterproof and weatherproof features making them suitable for both indoor
and outdoor applications. Hence, the best option for customizing products such as cosmetics, fridge goods, candles, and beautifying storefronts, car windows, and walls.


Transparent Stickers

Prominent Waterproof Clear Stickers

Transparent stickers are made of clear, durable material and are designed to make different designs stand out.
Thanks to being made out of vinyl, these are naturally waterproof so you can confidently place
them outside for longer periods of time. Print your own and check them out in action.

transparent sticker
no white spot

No White Spot

A natural clear vinyl print for transparent stickers.
Thus, it produces a dull output of the colors depending on the surface of the background upon applying.

with white print

With White Print

This can be applied to the material and
produce vibrant colors on the design.
Hence, the best option for dark background applications.