How GrimeyMTL use business cards and stickers to promote their brand?

Underground music has been applied to various artistic movements which record release happen through independent labels, podcasts, internet radio streams and more. Some underground music bands host festival by giving other artists a chance to display their arts. Find out few of them now!

What is GrimeyMTL? What makes them interesting? How they've become StickerCanada's valued customer? Come with us and let's know more about them.

What is GrimeyMTL?

GrimeyMTL's aim is to showcase the very best of Montreal's Underground Music & Art scene. We do this by giving artists a chance to display their work on multiple platforms (Venues, Festivals, Art Galleries, etc.) aiming to expose the unique beauty that is consistently pouring out of our city. In addition, act as a Brand by collaborating with selected artists to put out various forms of Media and Merchandise, which embody just how Grimey Montreal really is.

How GrimeyMTL use StickerCanada?

We use StickerCanada for our business cards, but mainly to produce Stickers. We regularly print our our originally logo, which is constantly running out, as its an easy and accessible way for our brand to grow by giving back to our community. We also have an annual sticker competition which allows for anyone and everyone to submit a design for a chance to win our competition. The winner gets a ton of free merchandise and we print out hundreds of there winning design to spread out through our city, another way to give back to the community while growing our brand. Stickers Canada is next to perfect and they have completed all of our orders to satisfaction! Definitely recommend this company for production of any kind.