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How Stickers Are Being Helpful to Cute Button Girl Business

Posted by Sticker Canada on September 22, 2022

Venturing business knows no age, gender, status, or nationality. You can be a successful entrepreneur at a very young age.

But first, you need to know your goals. Do you aim to innovate and create a product that would be helpful to many people? Are you willing to take a risk for the sake of making those dreams into reality?

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Learn this story from a kid entrepreneur named Cristiana, a 9-year-old girl, who is now growing her business online with the help of her mother, Monica.

Who would have thought that a kid could start her own business and be able to help many people with the products she offered? Monica, the mother, is a graphics designer. She helps her kid by doing the design for the Cute Button Girl business. But all the ideas are coming from her daughter.

Read more about this interesting success story of a kid entrepreneur and how stickers are a huge help in her product packaging:

Tell us about Cute Button Girl and the products you offer?

Our hobby to home business was born from the idea of a child with big dreams. Often, this girl pushes her parents' buttons to see how far it can take her. We custom design buttons, magnets, charms, zipper pulls, and keychains with your logo, artwork, text, or photo. 


We also make earrings now. @cutebuttongirl was Cristiana’s idea in 2019. At first, we were skeptical as we tried it out, getting our feet wet... And then 2020 came, the Covid meteor hit— things got boring, and we got more serious about our adventure. 

Mommy (Monica) does the artwork, being a graphic designer and Cristiana does the rest… we step in and help a lot because her plate is full of school, play, and extracurricular activities. After all, she’s only a kid CEO— Child Optimist Entrepreneur. We are proud to say our items can be found at a store in Newmarket called “The Maker’s Mark” and people can also purchase through Etsy. “When I’m not pushing my parents' buttons; I make them.”


How did you use the stickers you’ve purchased in your business?

We buy our stickers from Sticker Canada and each package has that sticker on it. It’s the first thing people see when they buy our product. Each button has its own unique bag which has a sticker on top.

How did you find StickerCanada?

I was searching online and found the website. 


How did the stickers help promote Cute Button Girl?

The stickers grab attention because they are so bright and vibrant and they are placed on every single button that someone purchases. 


Would you recommend StickerCanada to anyone?

Yes, we have recommended you to everyone.