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Prone Brand: An Expression of Creativity and Liberty

Posted by Sticker Canada on July 18, 2018

In an effort to get to know our clients more and draw inspiration from them, we have created our own Success Story page. Every single day we get to interact with different clients from different parts of the globe needing sticker marketing assistance, and the time we spend with them is eternity - knowing that their stories will forever be inspiration not just to us but also to our customers and site visitors. 

This time, we are happy to have chanced upon Prone Brand. 

Tell us the vision and mission of Prone Brand

Established in Drummondville , we think liberty is the way to express yourself and live your unique life. No one should be stopping you from accomplishing something and this is why we decided to share our thoughts through comfortable and unique products. Representation of freedom.

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What does this company offer?

The company we have is a company of accessories and clothing, we want the mind of liberty.

How do you want your customers to remember you by?

That this company offers comfortable clothing and the way we can personalize all clothing for the way everyone wants it. We offer free photoshoot for people who want picture with our clothing.

Where can we check you out?

If you want to see more about the liberty of Prone you can go check our Instagram account (prone. Brand, our Facebook Prone Brand and our youtube with some of our videos).

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How do you think your company inspires?

We use our product to promote some values in the community, for example, the second collection we created promote all the opportunity we can have and use it. Our product serves to influence the people to do more they can do it like one of our slogans ‘stop watching, start doing’, it’s motivated to do more, To sell our products in kiosque and go see other brand and personality to do a collaboration, we love to collaborate with several projects and help them grow too. It’s one of our motivations.

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You have ordered art paper stickers from us?  How did this help your brand and business in general?  

Your sticker help our brand to grow up because we can put and give everywhere sticker to other people, you stick help a lot our brand, thank you really much!

Anything you would like to say to people who look up to you, who love your brand even the style of what you offer?

I want to say thank you for everyone help the brand grow up because Prone Brand is a community, everyone was participate of the evolution of the campaign! Thank you x1000!