Sticking to Creativity: How Giant Shoe Creative Agency Makes Use of Custom Branded Stickers

Posted by Sticker Canada on June 24, 2024

Advertising and marketing can be quite a challenge. Giant Shoe Creative Agency specialises in providing their partners with extensive and effective solutions. With the help of some excellent logo stickers and business cards, the team are able to attract and serve their clients to the best of their abilities. 

Let's get to know them and what they do.


Tell us about your company and the products or services you've offered?

Giant Shoe Creative Agency focuses on providing extensive marketing solutions and innovative advertising campaigns. Services encompass a wide range of services to support their role as your marketing management partner, such as establishing brand positioning, creating visual identities, overseeing campaign management, managing social media platforms, generating content, conducting photography and video production, designing websites, implementing SEO strategies, and executing effective advertising campaigns. Our primary focus is maintaining consistency and establishing strong customer connections to cultivate trust and loyalty. We achieve this through the creation of meticulously created branded content and the implementation of dynamic marketing techniques


What makes your business different from the rest?

We set ourselves apart with innovative ideas and a customer-centric approach, leveraging current marketing trends to achieve outstanding outcomes. The agency receives praise from clients for its cutting-edge solutions, ingenuity, promptness, and effectiveness. Giant Shoe prioritizes consistency and connection to deliver dependable, visually captivating material that fosters consumer loyalty and supports company growth. With our proficiency in photography, social media, and creative direction, clients have considered us an essential collaborator for businesses of all sizes.

How did you find StickerCanada?

By conducting an online search for reputable suppliers who offer products of high quality and have a solid reputation, we were able to locate StickerCanada.  We started with a few smaller projects, but as we became more adept at relying on them, we started to think on a larger scale and provide our customers with more services.  At this time, we are looking for chances for our customers within the StickerCanada products, and we are confident that everyone will be pleased with the outcomes. StickerCanada was quick to respond, clear in their communication, and constantly met or exceeded expectations.


How did you use the products you've purchased in your business?

Our use of StickerCanada's business cards and stickers has grown in importance as a marketing tool for both our company and our clients. We use stickers for all sorts of branding because of how versatile they are. As an example, we make logo stickers that people can put on water bottles, laptops, and other things they own, which helps get our brand out there. Personalized stickers not only provide visual appeal to product labels, but they also improve packaging and represent our brand. At events like trade exhibits and fairs, we distribute stickers as part of our promotional initiatives. Stickers like these are a great way to give out freebies while also advertising our company. Furthermore, a personalized touch is added with each transaction by including a sticker, which encourages customers to come back.

How did the stickers/business cards help promote your products, services, or the entire business?

Stickers and business cards have done a great job of advertising our company, our services, and our products. Stickers are like little billboards that promote our brand all the time; they draw attention no matter where you put them. Our products and services benefit from this exposure since it keeps our brand in the thoughts of potential buyers. Professionally designed and information-and-design-savvy business cards help clients and prospects remember our services and get in touch with us more easily. In addition to facilitating communication, they serve to highlight the character of our brand and the excellence of our products. By utilizing both stickers and business cards, we have been able to amp up our marketing efforts, reach a wider audience, and foster stronger client involvement. As a result, our business has grown.


Would you recommend StickerCanada to anyone?

StickerCanada is a company that we have recommended to a number of the companies that we collaborate with whenever they are seeking for a product that they believe to be of exceptional quality. They are able to successfully increase the exposure of our brands, activate our audiences, and contribute to the advancement of our companies. When it comes to promotional partnerships, we rely on StickerCanada because of their consistent performance, straightforward communication, and reliable reactions.