What Packaging Stickers Does to Help Emma's Sweets Grow and Succeed

Posted by Sticker Canada on August 23, 2023


Baking sweets can be a whole lot of fun. Not only do you get to create delicious snacks for your loved ones, but there’s great business opportunities as well. However, without the proper tools, it can be a nightmare to create the sweets you want with perfection. If you are looking for a way to boost your baking skills, Emma's Sweets have just the thing.

Using custom packaging labels, the folks at Emma’s complement their awesome products with creative stickers. You can tell that each package is made with the utmost care, both protecting the delicate tools within and showing off fun designs. 

Let’s learn more about who Emma's Sweets are and what they provide to their patrons.


Tell us about your company and the products or services you've offered?
Emma's Sweets started off as a custom cookie business.  I offered custom decorated cookies to local customers.  I did this for a while when I was working in the financial industry.  After almost 7 years, and competing on Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge (which I won and was the only Canadian on that episode), I shifted my business to an online baking supplies shop.  

We import and ship top of the line cookie decorating supplies. 

We make the cookie cutters in house and stay on top of the latest trends in the industry. 

We also sell food coloring, packaging, stencils, you name it and we carry it!

What makes your business different from the rest?


In house, we design and print custom cookie cutters. We provide top of the line products and have a 5 star customer service rating. I have recently published my first book, which features tutorials on how to decorate cookies. We supply all of the products to complete the projects.  

What sets us apart from the rest: I not only sell the products, but I show everyone how to use them, features and benefits.

My husband and I have over 40 years of management and customer service experience, I can tell you that none of our competitors have this advantage

How did you find StickerCanada?

I found sticker Canada on the Google Search engine.

How did you use the products you've purchased in your business?


I use Art Paper Stickers for our in house packaging.  For example, we make scribe tools (these are tools that are a must have in cookie decorating). They are hand made by ourselves using silicone beads. 

We package them in clear cellophane bags along with our business cards and fold the clear bag over and seal with a sticker. 

We also use them for our paint brushes and clips. Because there is a gap on the sticker under the logo, I am able to add quantities or any other information about what's in the package I can send photos if needed

How did the stickers/business cards help promote your products, services, or the entire business?


We use stickers where our products do not have our logo already. This allows us to keep our branding consistent for all of our different products. We also make use of the stickers to keep track of all the different products that we have, allowing for a better inventory system. Our business operations have become much smoother and efficient ever since we’ve made the decision to use the stickers to label our products.

Would you recommend StickerCanada to anyone?

Yes I would. I like that there is a photo proof before the items are shipped out. They provide great customer services.