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Why Custom Stickers are Important as Label Per Black Stripe Coffee

Posted by Sticker Canada on February 27, 2020

Find success in coffee beans

In the town of Vegreville, Davin Gegolick is a true-blooded coffee lover and a pursuer of dreams.  His obsession for coffee turned out to be a winning business formula with the mission to offer fresh coffee beans to the people of Vegreville area.  

As a coffee lover, Davin knows how to choose premium coffee beans and create a variety of flavors that coffee lovers like him can enjoy. Aside from coffee, Black stripe coffee sells cute coffee mugs and apparel.   

If you are looking for fresh locally roasted coffee, Black Stripe Coffee is your go-to place for your daily caffeine fix!

Black Stripe Coffees Custom Stickers

Tell us about your company and the products or services you’ve offered?

I currently offer a variety of single-origin coffees roasted at various degrees (light, medium, and dark) along with specialty alcohol-infused coffees (bourbon, spiced rum, Jack Daniels, and Amaretto). I like to have between 15-20 different varieties of coffee available at one time. In addition to the coffee, I offer high-quality clothing, enamel campfire mugs, hats, and other apparel to my customers. 

How do you come up with the name Black Stripe Coffee?

My first tattoo (I got in high school) is two black stripes around my forearm. People always asked me what it meant which I would reply, “it doesn’t mean anything…I’ve just always wanted 2 black stripes on my arm!” When thinking about a name for my coffee company I decided to give my tattoo some meaning (and to satisfy those people who couldn’t understand I got a tattoo without a meaning), so went with Black Stripe Coffee. A quick Google search confirmed that name didn’t yet exist and I like the sound of it!

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Among all the business, why did you choose a coffee business?

In addition to roasting coffee, I’m a full-time Planning & Development Officer at our local municipality, and my wife and I are lifestyle and wedding photographers. I’ve been fascinated with coffee since a very young age and when I did the research for roasting coffee my fascination grew to a whole new level. Roasting coffee has been a successful part-time gig for me and between working a full-time job, and snapping photos, it still allows me to spend time with my family. If I had more time, I would love to open a coffee shop in our Town…but for now, I’ll settle for roasting in my basement. 


How do you create good quality coffee beans and what are your standard sizes?

Coffee is roasted on an on-demand basis to ensure the freshest coffee possible and is available in 1 lb bags, 5 lb bags, and sample bags (good for a 12 cup pot of coffee). Being the espresso lover I am, I carefully crafted a blend of beans which has become known as “Vegreville Gold”. It has been a journey since starting this endeavor in 2016 and I look forward to what the future holds!


We are glad that you are able to highlight other kinds of coffee beans in other parts of the world, when did you come across the idea and how was it possible?

My green bean supplier, Single Origin Coffee, is always visiting coffee farms and importing a wide variety of high-quality beans from around the world. I’m fascinated with the characteristics of each bean variety and how roast profiles can bring out the characteristics of the bean origins. Every time I order green beans, I tend to try out at least one new bean variety to see if it makes it into the arsenal of coffee beans I offer to my customers. 


Throughout 4 years of business, what are your ways to stay relevant in the coffee industry?

I roast most of my coffee when I receive orders to ensure it is as fresh as possible and is constantly bringing in new beans to provide variety to my customers. The alcohol-infused coffees are a bit more on the exotic side but having something for everyone has been my goal since day one and keeps my customers coming back. I understand some of my designs and coffees might not be for everyone, but I think it’s important to stick to what’s inspired me throughout my coffee journey which makes Black Stripe Coffee unique. 


Why did you choose StickerCanada as your sticker provider?

I spend a considerable amount of time sourcing affordable high-quality products. And when I came across StickerCanada, I had to give them a try! StickerCanada’s customer service is top-notch and they worked with me to finalize my designs before printing. Plus, they’re located in Canada!

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How do you use the products you've purchased in your business?

Since starting this business 4 years ago, I'm always looking for new ways to bring my costs down while still having a high-quality product.


What does StickerCanada contribute to your coffee business?

StickerCanada helped me bring my labeling costs down compared to my previous sticker or label manufacturers. Other than the main coffee labels on my 1lb pouches (which I update and print myself), I use StickerCanada's stickers on my coffee pouches and sample bags. The quality of their labels are second to none and are very affordable. I've also used Sticker Canada to create bumper stickers and other high-quality stickers which I pass onto my coffee customers.

Black Stripe Coffees Bumper Stickers

Aside from affordable and good quality stickers, what products in StickerCanada are you going to purchase in the near future?

I’ve ordered a variety of stickers from StickerCanada which I use on my coffee pouches and throw into coffee orders for my customers. If I ever need decal production, I’ll definitely be giving StickerCanada a call!


We are grateful that you trust us as your sticker provider. Are you still going to continue working with us?

I intend to continue to use Sticker Canada in my packaging and future promotional materials for my business!

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