Envelope Stickers

Envelope Stickers

With envelope stickers, it is easy to secure your mail, invitations, and even packages. The elegant design makes it an excellent choice for both formal and casual uses. Using these types of seals will save you from the trouble of having to use messy glue, wax, or tape. Having custom seals will ensure that your message or package is able to get to the recipient safely and unopened. Our website allows you to easily customize the stickers to your liking and print them without any effort.

Recommended Products for Envelope Stickers

Envelope Seal Art Paper Stickers

Art Paper Stickers

One of the most affordable custom made paper stickers printed from high quality material. Suitable for indoor use only and works great on mailers, product labelling, freebies, etc.

Starts at $44.00
Envelope Seal Classic Paper Stickers

Classic Paper Stickers

Printed in a non-lustrous surface material making it the best option for writing purposes. It has an elegant appearance and an excellent way of customizing packaging labels.

Starts at $50.00
Envelope Seal Foil Paper Stickers

Foil Paper Stickers

This stunning & shiny is made of gold or silver foil paper material. Ideal for modern and chic style branding, gift wrapping, or anywhere that yearning for an extravagant style.

Starts at $134.00
Envelope Seal Embossed Paper Stickers

Embossed Paper Stickers

Normally used as seal stickers for certificates and documents, they can add a touch of class to wedding invitations and are perfect for gift wrapping. Available in Gold & Silver material.

Starts at $134.00