How to make the most out of your printed stickers

If you are someone constantly in search of affordable ways to effectively optimize your brand, I’d suggest you go into deep research on sticker marketing. Just in case it convinces you, next thing you need to do is to design and implement it accordingly.

Here are some helpful tips. 

Establish your goal. Ask, “What do you want to achieve”? Do you want to create awareness, or simply wanting to let people know about a discount that you offer?  Do you want a decoration? Whatever your goal is, make sure you keep that in mind when creating your sticker design while considering the size, shape, and stock of your printed stickers too.

Make your stickers versatile.  Make it more than just a self-promotional item- allowing your customers to have tons of reason to use them. Start to find ways on how you can add value that suits your brand. The longer the stickers are around, people will more likely take notice.

Shape and size should be handy. Always think about your recipients. How will they use the stickers, will the size and shape fit for the purpose that it will serve? Example:  If stickers are being handed out at an event, stickers must be small enough and easy to insert in someone’s pocket or bag.

The simpler, the better. By simple, it means that you must show off your logo clearly, giving your brand that added value. For sticker marketing, a short message will go a long way so make your stickers impactful. Avoid using many colours, a minimalist approach is encouraged.

Be clever.  There are hundreds or even thousands of clever ways to place your stickers and get the most attention and create the biggest impact. Think outside the box. The more creative you are, the better the impact will be. You can do it!

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