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2 Helpful Methods to Remove Sticky Labels Off Your Mason Jars

Posted by Sticker Canada on December 23, 2022

Does your kitchen run out of space because of many empty Mason jars? Are you thinking of ways how to reuse them for your DIY project?

Reusing Mason jars is a good idea and convenient in so many ways. 

Did you know that some Mason jars are worth over $1,000? Why buy these expensive jars if you already have a lot at home? You only need to be more resourceful and creative to benefit from its advantage.

If you plan to use these jars for projects like home canning, homemade candles, wedding favours or other crafts, then this blog is dedicated to you.

Why It’s Best to Get Rid of Jar Stickers

Reusing these jars is better off transparent, clean, and ready for new labelling, depending on how or where you plan to use them. 

This process will involve effort, patience, and hard work since some labels are stubborn enough not to want to be peeled off.

Leaving those sticky labels on jars is quite unattractive, especially if your purpose is to reuse them for your home business.

But don’t worry because your used Mason jars will turn out as clean, new and ready to use for your incoming project.

Ready to learn more? Here, you will be given two helpful methods to remove those sticky labels and other extra tips to remove their unwanted smell, and how you can turn it as though it’s a newly-bought Mason jar.

Nail-Polish Remover

1st Method: Use Nail Polish Remover

Any form of alcohol will do the trick as long as it has a higher concentration. Nail polish remover is one of the products with a higher percentage of alcohol. Below are the three steps on how to do it:

Start peeling the labels

Start peeling the labels

If the label is still hard to peel, you can soak the jar in warm water with soap for at least 10 minutes. It will eventually soften then you can start peeling them off.

Pour nail polish remover into a cloth

Grab a paper towel, cloth, or a sponge and pour the nail polish remover to eliminate the adhesive residue. Start scrubbing in a circular motion until the adhesive is eliminated. Note that this method works best with jars that are only made of glass because plastic containers could create discoloration.

Wash the jar

Finish the whole process with warm and soapy water. This final step is necessary if your purpose is to store food.

Pour-dish-soap-and-a-few-cups-of-whit- vinegar

2nd Method: Use Dishwashing Soap and White Vinegar

When you are into a sustainable lifestyle, you know that white vinegar can serve as an all-around cleaner. Did you know that it can also help to remove mason jar labels? Surprisingly, they have what it takes to make a sturdy adhesive melt fast. Wondering how it works? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Fill-a-sink-or-bucket-with-hot- water

Fill a sink or bucket with hot water

Make sure that you pour the right amount of water where it can completely submerge your jar. Remember that the hotter the water, the faster you’ll get results where the adhesive dissolves fast.

Pour-dish-soap-and-a-few-cups-of-whit- vinegar

Pour dish soap and a few cups of white vinegar

Another alternative to dish soap is your reliable hand soap. It is proven to remove stubborn sticker labels, and when you want a fast result, that’s when you start pouring a few cups of white vinegar.

Place the mason jars in the basin

Start taking off the lids and carefully put them in the basin.

Wait for at least 30 minutes

Patience is a virtue when it comes to removing labels. The longer you wait, the easier it is for you to peel them off. If you still notice visible adhesive marks, you can scrape them off with a scrubby sponge.

Rinse the jar with clean water and let them dry

Gone with the old and in with the new. You can now use mason jars in your homemade fruit jams, pasta sauces, and other food items that you’d like to store. Aside from home canning, you can also use them in the homemade candle business or for wedding favours.

Other tips to deodorize and disinfect your Mason jars:

Sometimes fermented products such as pickles leave an unpleasant smell in your jar. If your old jars have an unbearable smell that a simple hand wash can’t handle, here are two ways how you can disinfect and deodorize them.


Pour the baking soda mixture

Put a bit of water and baking soda into the old jar. Lock it with the lid and shake it to absorb the odours quickly. Start pouring out the mixture, and leave the jars in direct sunlight to completely eliminate the odours.


Use lemon juice

Freshly squeezed lemon juice is a great cleaning agent. All you have to do is use a clean cloth and add pure lemon juice to it. Then start wiping them into the jar and sterilize them in the oven for a few minutes.

Final thoughts

Mason jars remain timeless and are widely used because of their durability in storing food. This is why it is perfect for home canning projects or homemade product businesses. Since you already have ideas on how you can remove those stubborn sticky labels, you can now reuse and relabel them as though it was new.

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