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How Stickers Can Help You Change the World

Posted by Sticker Canada on October 28, 2020

If you want a change, you should walk that talk, and people will eventually follow. Being part of creating charities will help the less fortunate people to bounce back from their loss. There are many ways to make people notice your charity and participate in them and one of them is giving away stickers that can be good material for spreading awareness. We’re glad to help you in making your fundraising or charity event successful and here are helpful tips to make your campaign jam-packed with people who have the willingness to help.

The sticker design should base on your mission

You should show your charity’s mission loud and proud because that is when people will resonate with it and are willing to participate since it aligned with their personal mission. Before you start with the design, you should settle what social issues you want to be a part of whether in the environment, poverty, orphans, or animal protection. Then, once you are done with your chosen topic, you can now seek help from a graphic designer to make your ideal design come true. 

charity support custom stickers

Use QR code labels for instant exposure 

Custom stickers can come in handy when it comes to advertising your charity. To make your online presence work, put a QR code label that directs it to your social media handles or official website. This is a smart way to entice people to participate because when they use the QR code, they will be led to your charity’s portfolio and when they are pleased with what they saw, they will share it with their friends and family who might be interested to participate as well.


Pitching your charity through selling merch 

Having merch can create brand awareness and using custom stickers as your primary merch material is a cost-efficient way to promote your charity. This is also a good tactic to earn more funds by pitching them that the sales coming from your merch will proceed to your chosen charity.


It is amazing how stickers can go places and StickerCanada has helped a lot of people to connect with their potential clients through our high-quality affordable printing marketing materials. It’s great that you take the initiative to change the world with your advocacy and we will be honored to be part of your journey. Give us a call, and our team is more than willing to help you with your campaign and with the design too.