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Wedding Favours - How to Personalize Wine Bottles Using Labels

Posted by Sticker Canada on May 21, 2021

Are you looking for the best wedding favour to give to all your guests? A bottle of good wine is an amazing idea. Whether it’s white, red, or fruit wine, they’ll love to indulge in a glass or two and remember all the great things that happened to your wedding. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can make your own wine bottle labels for your wedding favour, and here are easy ways on how you can create it.

Choose the perfect wine

To make it more memorable, you should start choosing a bottle of wine that you and your partner liked. You can start it by exploring different wine shops and have a wine taste in different varieties. This is also a good bonding time for you and your future spouse before your wedding day because you will get to know your partner's distinctive taste while you both enjoy each other’s company.

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Start customizing wine labels

When you and your partner finish choosing the ideal bottle of wine to give to all your guests, you can start decorating personalized wine bottle labels. You can make a design from your favourite photo or if you want it more lowkey, you can make a label out of the initials of you and your partner. Creating a design is easier nowadays because there are readily available free templates you can find online. Start searching for wine label websites and choose the best one that suits you best. When you already have a design in mind, you can pull off a do-it-yourself label project or choose to have a reliable professional printing company to get the job done, and here are the following reasons that you can reconsider.

- Provide suitable material like vinyl stickers that are best recommended for wine bottles.

- Offer a wide range of supplies such as rolls and sheets.

- They’re able to mass-produce stickers for a shorter period of time.

Whether it's a DIY project or having it professionally done, you should double-check your design to make all your efforts worthwhile.

wedding wine bottles custom label

Remove the old label from the bottle

Now you are not having a hard time producing a mass volume of customized stickers, you can focus your time on removing wine bottle labels by only using baking soda. Want to know how it works? Follow these steps below:

1. Get a clean basin, pour half of the warm water.

wedding wine bottles removal label


2. Add at least 10 tablespoons of baking soda and start stirring it.

3. If the baking soda is already diluted, you can put the bottles in and wait for 45 minutes.

4. Get the bottles and gently peel the label. If it is not peeling easily, put the bottles back in the basin.

wedding win bottles removal stickers


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Place your wedding wine bottle labels

You already have a clean wine bottle with you and it's the best time to place your chosen personalized wine bottle stickers. To achieve a flawless application, plan where you’re going to place it, start applying them and don’t forget to rub out any imperfections such as creases and bubbles for a pleasing appeal.