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Why is Everyone Talking About Custom Car Stickers

Posted by Sticker Canada on August 31, 2022

Are you wondering what triggers people putting stickers on their cars?

Is it safe to do so, or it’s just a trend and will suddenly diminish?

Every people has a different personality and motives. Putting a bumper sticker on your car is another way of marking your territory. A simple way of showing identity, interests, and values. 

60% of car owners use bumper stickers on their vehicles. One of the main reasons is to make a statement about themselves.

Forty percent haven’t used a customer sticker yet because they haven’t found the appropriate stickers that match their values.

Find out the other reasons why everyone is talking about custom car stickers and why you should have them too:


- Sense of Individualism

A car is an extension of one’s self. Customizing is the best way to make a statement about you as an individual. It differentiates you from the other person who owns the same car as you. Car decals or bumper stickers are the best way to spice up your vehicle, making it more noticeable on the road.

It speaks volumes and statements about you as the owner!


- Good Promotional Tool

Advertising is a lot easier these days because of the internet. But traditional marketing like using a bumper sticker is still on the rise today! Why? Because it reaches distant places and many people. It serves as your permanent billboard and efficient word-of-mouth advertising. 

If done correctly, your marketing strategy could convert target customers into loyal patronage.


 - Dealing With Prejudice

The common preconception people are dealing with about car decals is about safety. You need to be mindful of the information you put. Never give those criminal-minded people a chance to achieve their evil goals.

Use car decals to show your humour side or other silly things instead of revealing confidential information about you.


- Never Goes Out of Style

Personalizing your vehicle never goes out of style, whether used for business or personal purposes. Years may pass, but bumper stickers are still reasonable and effective in promoting goods or services. You can also spark up your classic car with witty quotes.

You can do anything you desire because it is your car, and so is your rule! 


- Puts the Message Across

Car decals are efficient if you are operating mobile pet grooming. It puts your message over and lets people know you were offering such services. Use a font that evokes emotion, a colour that boosts visibility, and a graphic photo of a dog or cat.

Custom car stickers always work from advertising goods and services to personalizing your favourite cars. The goal is to specify your brand identity and decorate your vehicle that best describes your personality. 

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