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Christmas Gift Idea: Custom Stickers

The long-awaited time of the year is days away, the most anticipated holiday above all else. Christmas is the time where families make efforts to come together for a family reunion, to make ends meet, to travel far back home to be with loved ones, which is something people longing for throughout the year....

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How to design cosmetic packaging

We all have seen how crazy consumers can get with every piece of cosmetic products that were launched by their trusted brands. The truth is, developing a cosmetic brand requires a lot of hard work. There is a huge emphasis on cosmetic packaging and why it’s crucial for branding....

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How to have the best marketing tool

On a daily basis, we hand out plenty of flyers or brochures about our businesses without even realizing it. Just take a look at the piles on your desk, your drawer or trashes in your wallet. Promotional in all shapes, colors, and sizes are almost everywhere. With its availability, we often fail to see it as a marketing opportunity....

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Postcards: Advantages to your business

Have you tried advertising in newspapers? How about different business listings? Did you get the return of your investment?  Sure, you will hear people tell you that it pays to advertise, that one has to spend more money in order to make a lot of money. But what if there’s another advertising offer that will give you results but you wouldn’t have to spend more money on, will you take...

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What is the best sticker for you?

If you want your business or event to be remembered, printing stickers should be part of the plan because you can attach or affix stickers anywhere. In other words, stickers can go where other marketing or promotional materials cannot. ...

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