Are Business Cards Still Relevant in 2023: 5 Easy Ways to Make it Stand Out

Posted by Sticker Canada on July 27, 2023

In today’s digital era, have you ever wondered about the relevance of business cards? 

Doing business transactions or looking for potential clients are way more accessible online. You may think that there is no need to create one…

… And that’s where you got it all wrong!

Business cards are still relevant in 2023 because it shows professionalism and preparedness. It also gives your client a tangible experience of your brand, which helps them remember you and your business, and for future contact.



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Say you were at a networking event. You have met many prospective clients, and while you were there, they started exchanging business cards. What will you do now? You do not have any.

While giving them your LinkedIn profile, email address, and other social media channels would be good, a physical card still hits differently!


Because the most essential part of your business information can be found there. Your clients do not have to dig through your social media to know what you do or look for the type of products or services you offer.

“Business cards are the best and easiest way to provide contact information to potential clients and receive theirs.” — Entrepreneur

Know that you are not the only one they come across with. Be sure that when you hand out a business card, it is well-designed and memorable to stay on top of their minds.

Here are the Five Ways to Make Your Business Card Stand Out


1. Choose a Unique Design

Choosing colourful business cards to hook the attention of prospective clients is not new. They have been used multiple times already. And your goal here is to create unique designs to fit the 2023 trends. 

Use both sides of the card. Fill that one side with full colour, and the other is plain white. It makes each side complement one another.


2. Include Relevant Information

Business cards are designed to cater to only a few details that are easy to digest. Be more concise when putting information and only include the most necessary. They are:

Business Logo
Company Name
Name & Job Title
Contact Details (e.g. telephone number, store or company address, website address)
Social Media Channels
QR Code

Keep-it -Simple-Yet-Classy-business-card

3. Keep it Simple Yet Classy

Do you believe that less is more? Never fill your card with different elements, especially if it does not resonate with your branding. Keep your brand consistency intact and simple yet classy.

How? By making a unique design, choosing an appropriate colour scheme, readable fonts, and comprehensive details. If you want a classy and luxurious-looking final touch, you can have your logo embossed, debossed, or apply foil stamping to the card.


4. Add a Personal Touch

Another way to add a personal touch to your card is by adding a handwritten or personalized message. There is cardstock available that is best for writing and stamping purposes. It is also thick and sturdy, making it appeal chic and luxurious.


5. Use High-quality Materials

Never dare hand out a business card from a cheap cardstock. Why? Because your business will be judged based on the quality of the cards you give. If it is poor quality, it will reflect the company, business, and the products or services you offer.

Instead, use high-quality materials that suit your specifications. Select a cardstock that is matte-coated, or the one that is much thicker and writable, or vintage kraft for rustic vibes. It has to create a positive impression.

Final thoughts

Never ignore this form of traditional advertising to network with potential clients and boost brand recognition. This is still an effective marketing tool and cheap to create. Pay attention to the information above as your guide when you decide to produce your business cards.