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Clothing Swing Tag Information Must Haves

Posted by Sticker Canada on February 10, 2021

If you own a clothing retail business, it's obvious to add swing tags to your products and you should make time to choose the right material and the right information to put on it too because a set of tacky-looking tags might reflect your clothes' quality, and you don’t want people to give your business a bad reputation. In this blog, we will give you tips on what important information you should put on your custom hang tags.


This is one of the basic things you need to put alongside a Universal Product Code (UPC) which is a 12 digit code assigned to retail merchandise. A UPC is not necessary for starting a clothing business but it is highly to use it especially if you are selling clothes in big quantities to keep track of your products and keep your business running smoothly and at a good pace

ego clothing swing tags

Care instructions

In a tag, you should indicate the composition of each item and how to take care of it in order to preserve its condition. For an instance, one of the items in your clothing rack is made out of polyester fabric so you should indicate it on the clothing tag on how they should take care of it such as putting laundry instructions on it.

LilBit Soap Nuts custom swing tags


If you want to lure your customers from reading your hang tags, you should also come up with an attractive design to make it visually appealing to them. Putting an illustration or a beautiful photograph can add a meaningful meaning to your brand and your products, which will make your customers draw closer to your brand even more. If you want someone to execute your creative vision in a timely manner, you should start working with a professional graphic designer.

illustration art swing tags

Call to action

Whether it is tagging or following your business social media accounts or telling them to go ahead visit your website for upcoming sales and a new collection, a concise call to action can motivate your customers to visit your store more often.


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