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Elevate Your Start-Up Jewelry Business with Custom Hang Tags: A Guide

Posted by Sticker Canada on April 28, 2023

Jewelry is a form of self-expression. That is true not only for the people wearing one but for those who make and sell them as well.

And as a startup business owner, you know all too well that first impressions matter to make a sale. You need to establish a solid brand image that perfectly reflects what you offer and the values you have as a business.

“A distinct brand image can also project a quality of professionalism to new and existing customers.” - Indeed

When done the right way, you can easily attract target buyers in a specific age group, gender identities, and walks of life.

After defining the right marketing approach paired with consistent effort, you will eventually see positive results. For one, having a jewelry hang tag for your business can be a valuable tool for elevating your business.

Continue reading to learn how you can take advantage of jewelry tag labels to boost your brand awareness.

custom hang tags

What is a hang tag?

The name basically gives off what it is. A small card attached to an item or packaging containing information about the business and the product. A hang tag usually has the following information:


Brand name

Product information

Care instructions


Contact information


Social media pages

Why are custom jewelry tags important for your business?

When buyers come into your shop, it is either because they already have a specific type of jewelry in mind or simply looking for a piece to add to their collection.

One way or the other, you can entice them to pick a jewelry piece on display by having a striking tag label. And with attraction follows curiosity. That is why it is important to devote to detailed labeling that strategically captures your essence as a brand.


How to create custom hang tags that tell your identity

Your hang tag should reflect your product. From your choice of material alone, you can already convey a profound identity of your jewelry business. The right tool can set the tone and give customers a visual perception of your branding.

With that being said, investing in your branded hang tags is absolutely necessary.

Below are helpful tips and recommendations for hang tag materials and special features you can consider based on your niche.

Attainable Luxury Jewelry.

Attainable Luxury Jewelry

If you lean more toward selling luxury earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces, a card stock with a white look can perfectly express the elegance of such trinkets. This specific card stock has a pristine look and a visible paper texture which can give off a classic feel to your custom tag.

You can top it off with a gold foil stamp feature to highlight your brand name and logo. This elegant-looking feature can make a beautiful representation of the timeless design of the jewelry you offer. Plus, it would look striking when the foil catches the light.


Modern Jewelry

If your line is modern jewelry, the best option would be to have the custom tag in a matte finish. The laminated surface can create a soft, muted look to the label, which can mirror the contemporary design of the jewelry pieces.

An embossed feature is a perfect addition to add a fresher touch to the custom tag. This 3D feature would perfectly accentuate your logo and brand name on the label.


Handcrafted Jewelry

If you sell handcrafted pieces, the perfect hang tag material would be kraft paper. It has a natural brown appearance that can give off an authentic and genuine touch to your branding. The brown color offers a unique touch to your branding to embody the eccentricity of your artisan pieces.

Brown paper is commonly used by businesses that offer eco-friendly products. So, through the material, you can also communicate that you are a brand that values sustainability.

Additional Features

Aside from the type of card you choose for your tag design, it is also important to pay attention to these two elements that make up your labeling tool.

Punch Holes

One determining feature of a hang tag is the hole where the string gets inserted to attach it to the product or packaging. The hole's size should also add to the aesthetics of the hang tag. The same goes for its position on the hanging label. Whether you punch out in the center or at the corner is up to you as long as it complements the overall look.



Another element of your tag is the string that you use to tie the label to the item or packaging. There are various options available, from twine to yarns, lace, and cords. Only you have a say in which to use, but the string needs to be uniform with the entire design.

Final Thoughts

There are endless ways to customize your jewelry tag label. Pour in your passion for your business by giving attention to every detail, and you will surely achieve a remarkable design that customers can't help but have their eyes on.