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Ultimate Guide to Creating Custom Thank You Stickers for Your Packaging

Posted by Sticker Canada on February 20, 2023

How do you show gratitude and appreciation for every order you receive from the customers? You keep doing the business you love because of your patronage and help generate revenue.

Sometimes a simple “Thank You” could mean a lot to the person receiving it.

It builds emotional connection and relation between you and the customers because they support your business, and you eliminate their pain points through your products or services.

The takeaway? Attaching a thank you sticker to your packaging is a game-changer. You can use it as sealed in tissue wrapping paper. It will give delight your customers as they unbox the parcel.


Photo by: Anna Farba

But here comes the problem. You have no idea how to create a sticker, let alone design it.

Worry no more because, in this article, you will be guided on how to make one for your packaging.

Pro tip: Hiring a skilled graphic designer is always a good idea for a more professional outcome for your sticker.

Choosing the appropriate colour scheme is one of the most crucial parts when designing. It follows by font readability and the organization of every element.

“According to a marketing study, colour helps boost brand recognition by up to 80%.”

To get started, below is the step-by-step process to design a custom thank you sticker for your product packaging using Adobe Illustrator.

Let us start:

Step 1: Open Illustrator and create a new CMYK document.


Using CMYK document is more appropriate for print material purposes. It gives you the best colour result once printed out.

Step 2: Create a coloured background using a shape tool.



 I use the rectangle tool here.

Remember, when choosing a background colour, always stick to your branding. Being consistent helps convey the message clearly about your brand identity.

Step 3: Place your desired vector image and drag it into the artboard



Step 4: Create your thank you message using the type tool



*You may add your logo to the text message, but this is optional.

Step 5: Save your work in any Vector File Format



To achieve the best printing result, use any Vector File Format. You can use AI, PDF, APS, AIT, OR SVG. PDF or Portable Document Format is the most common and widely used because it has an outstanding vector image format.

Step 6: Your final output is ready for printing


Feeling satisfied with your artwork now? Then look for the most reliable sticker printing service in your area that offers premium-quality printing. They must provide excellent stickers to be used for your packaging.

Final Thoughts

Exerting a little effort by making your customers feel appreciated sets you apart from the competition. That is why you have to give them good value and show gratitude for every purchase they make. Plastering thank you sticker in your packaging could also add attraction to your product presentation. It is one of the best ways to easy brand recall and recognition. You should step up in the game and bring unique value to your customers.