How Wegouda Take It Cheesy With Their Branding by Using Custom Art Paper Stickers

Posted by Sticker Canada on May 24, 2023

Wegouda believes that “cheese makes the world go round.” And one way they spread that value is through fresh and personalized charcuterie boxes and boards.

About Wegouda

Wegouda is a Vancouver-based cheese and charcuterie business offering a great selection of customizable orders for all occasions and even a simple Monday pick-me-up meal. They serve mainly the Lower Mainland Region and have been extending their passion for elaborate and carefully prepared charcuterie boxes, platters, and boards since 2020.

“Every order is handcrafted for a unique personalized experience. No two boxes are ever the same. We make our boxes as special as you.”


Image from Wegouda

Why you need a charcuterie board for your next event


Image from Wegouda

Any gathering is not complete without food. Be it a casual get-together with friends, holidays, or special celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and grand openings for a new business.

However, food preparation can be a daunting task to do. You need to carefully choose what dishes to serve that would fit your guests’ palate and arrange them in a visually pleasing manner - because guests eat with their eyes first, as they say.

Fortunately, there is a solution to that. A special meal with no cooking involved yet definitely filling: charcuterie.

In case you’re not familiar, this refers to the meat and cheese boards you might have been seeing on social media. Some are topped with several fruits, vegetables and nuts along with spreads and sauces set out in an interesting arrangement.

This traditional way of food presentation, which started in France, has been making a comeback in the past years. Charcuterie boards are easy to prepare, hence the perfect solution for entertaining at home.

You can find several how-to guides and tutorial videos on the best ways to create your own.

But if the thought of finding the right board material, types of cheese that would perfectly complement a specific kind of cured meat, and the fruits and veggies to add to the tray, you can simply have readily set up cheese and charcuterie.

Wegouda offers a variety of cheese and charcuterie, customizable to your preference. They serve from mini snack boxes to large ones, as well as platters, trays, and boards for any celebration - big or simple. They also offer gluten-free, vegetarian, nut-free & vegan options.

You can learn more about Wegouda on their website or check their social media accounts.

How Wegouda remain on-brand for every customized order


Wegouda makes it easier for customers to get their hands on flavorful cheese and charcuterie by offering food products in to-go boxes. Every pack is branded with their “cheesy” logo - a golden square sticker with spots of pale yellows and browns emulating the look of a sliced Gouda cheese, and the brand name printed in a subtle script font.

They use different types of packaging material for different box sizes, like paperboard clamshell boxes with transparent lids, kraft boxes with clear plastic covers, and cellophane for wrapping kidcuterie, champagne cups, steamers and board orders.

And because they use art paper stickers to print their logo, they can conveniently apply the logo stickers to every order.

Paper stickers are versatile and can adhere to any type of surface - from glass mason jars to plastic bottles and containers, paper boxes, and more. The material is a perfect solution for branding food products, like Wegouda’s to-go boxes.

Every order may arrive distinctively arranged from each other, but with their logo fixed on each packaging, customers will always recognize and remember their food.
As Wegouda seeks to make every occasion and celebration extra with customized charcuterie boxes, boards, and grazing tables, StickerCanada’s custom sticker is the perfect partner to get their name out there.

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