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8 Best Ideas to Customize Your Mason Jars For Wedding Favors

Posted by Sticker Canada on March 06, 2023

Tying the knot with the love of your life is one of the best feelings in the world. After all the ups and downs, happy and sad, and other trials in your relationship, you decided to get married.

It feels great, isn’t it? To be able to wake up next to someone you love. To build a family and raise a child that is your miniature.

But a wedding is a whole lot of preparation and expensive. In fact, $29,059 is the average cost of a Canadian wedding in 2019, per the Global Wedding Report released by WeddingWire.

You have to keep in mind all the wedding expenses during the preparation. But there are ways to make your wedding costs more manageable. You don’t have to break all your savings or go into debt.

You only need to be more creative and go DIY, especially in your wedding favours. You may ask, how?

Below are helpful guidelines that provide you with insightful ideas on how to customize your mason jars and the best way to put labels into them:

5 Mason Jar Goodie Ideas For You

Handing out wedding favours to your guests is another way of thanking and showing a small token of appreciation. But what do you actually put inside your empty mason jars? What things, foods, or drinks that you share in common with your partner? You can base your ideas there or think of other possible goodies that your guests would love to take home. Without further ado, here are some goodie ideas that you could consider.

Cookie-Mix-in-a-Jar-Wedding- Favor

Cookie Mix in a Jar Wedding Favor

A good dessert is something that your guests can keep and be consumed right after the wedding. Are you good at baking cookies? Give your guests an irresistible cookie mix in a jar where you label baking instructions on it by placing stickers.

If you do not want to give your secret cookie recipe away, you can also try giving away readily made chocolate mousse in the jar.


Succulent Wedding Favor

People are now accustomed to bringing nature inside their homes, especially different types of plants. Everybody loves a good succulent. You can use mason jars as a pot which your guests would love to add to their plants' collection.


Local Jam Wedding Favor

Do you love jam? Do you know how to prepare it or do you just buy it from your local supermarket? Did you know that you can consider having it as your wedding favour? Pick the most delightful flavour, and your guests would love to take it home.


Mixed Nuts Wedding Favor

Having mixed nuts as your wedding favour is the same as declaring how nuts you are towards each other. Isn’t it romantic?


Homemade Candle Wedding Favor

Do you have a talent for making a homemade candle with your own version? A homemade scented candle is also a good idea to be your wedding favour which no guests can decline.

3 Types of Labeling Solution For Your Mason Jars

Once you have gathered and mapped out ideas on what to put inside your mason jars, the labelling must come next. And when it comes to labelling, choosing the appropriate one is vital. You need to see if it suits your theme and your items inside.

To give you further ideas, here are the three types of labelling solutions to complete your mason jar wedding favour project:

Vinyl Stickers

This material looks great if you are looking for waterproof and moisture-resistant labels. You can use vinyl stickers if you are to give away refrigerated desserts where moisture is prominent.

Vintage Kraft Hang Tags

Vintage kraft hang tags are the ultimate label material you can place in your mason jars where you do not have to peel and stick them. Its vintage look suits your rustic theme wedding and is commonly used for labelling mason jars.

Vinyl Lettering Decals

Would you want an engraved look in your mason jars with your and your partner’s name initials? Using them can be a great choice. They are cut precisely to create letters and numbers that are neat and readable.

Final Thoughts

A wedding favour is just one part of your wedding preparations. But at least you have gained helpful insights, from what to put inside your mason jars to using the appropriate materials for labelling in a presentable manner.

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